Healthy Non-Toxic Cookware

Healthy, non-toxic cookware is more critical than one might think. Sure, eating healthy food is important. But, cooking it in the wrong pan threatens to unravel your efforts. Worse yet, many brands selling the “safest cookware” deceive you with clever marketing. And most of the “so-called” safest cooking pan materials (including PFOA-free cookware) are misleading. The good news?

To evaluate non-toxic cookware materials, we scoured the EPA, EWG, and the American Cancer Society. Plus, about a dozen other relevant, scientific sources. Then, we evaluated healthy non-toxic cookware brands by four key criteria, including customer experiences—

We turned to dozens of (real) customers who’ve used these brands over months, even years… Asking what they liked, didn’t like, etc. I then sprinkled in my personal experience with several of the items. (I’ve tested everything below but Visions glass and Homi Chef’s nickel-free set. For them, I spoke with a few users and dug up some research.)

The result? You can have complete confidence that:

  1. All picks in this guide consist of the absolute safest cookware materials.
  2. These picks aren’t only the safest pots and pans sets, but the best-performing, too.

We also considered price, making sure each is fair for the average consumer. So, by using this resource, you’ll save massive time, effort, and cash!

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